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You have been removed from the SmartProcurement Mailing List


Your e-mail has been removed from the SmartProcurement mailing list.

Please note that we take your request seriously and if for some reason you still receive unwanted mail from us we would like to know.

A major reason why people sometimes still receive mail from us after unsubscribing is that the original e-mail that was added to the list has been changed and as a result we still have your old e-mail address on our system.

Our mails to your old e-mail will then keep on being forwarded to your new e-mail adress. If this is the case, please go back to the unsubscribe page and enter your old e-mail address to be removed.

If this problem persists, You can contact Erieka Santos on the following number: National Telephone: 0861 – EDGECO or 0861 – 33-4326 (Option 2 or 3)

(International: +27 (861) – EDGECO or +27 (861) 33-4326)

We apologise in advance if you have been inconvienced in this way.

Personally I can’t stand it if people send me mails that I have indicated I don’t want, and I sincerely apologise if this happened to you.


Bernie van Niekerk






Editor: SmartProcurement


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