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Leadership Profile: Karen van Vuuren of Transnet



This month Smart Procurement profiles the dynamic leader of Transnet's Procurement and Supply Management (P&SM) function, Karen van Vuuren.


Full Name:
Karen van Vuuren
Chief Procurement Officer , Transnet
Private sector OR Public sector:
Public Sector
Core business activity of the enterprise:
National Bulk Freight Transportation and Infrastructure
Number of people in your P & SM Organisation:
Your organisation's procurement spend:
Management motto :
“Be nice”

Membership of professional bodies :
Chairperson of IPSA (since 2004), Fellow of CIPS (FCIPS), Member of SAPICS, Fellow of University of Fort Hare, Member of FSCMA the professional umbrella body for all associations/institutions involved with Supply Chain Management
What is your vision for P&SM :
“At the recent SAPICS conference a speaker pointed out that ‘P&SM is almost the last frontier for competitive advantage in business process re-engineering’. This underscores the important leadership position of this profession in the many economic challenges that lie ahead for both the private and public sectors in South Africa, Africa and indeed the world.”
Personal best achievement:
CPO of Transnet, (“I adore this job!”)
The person that has had the biggest influence on your life:
My father, without any doubt, (his slogan is to the point…’one day is today’)
The person that has had the biggest influence on your career:
Nic Badenhorst (he is the big daddy of Strategic Sourcing in SA) and Louis Van Niekerk (the current COO of Transnet)
Person you would most like to meet:
Margaret Thatcher
Businessperson who has impressed you most:
Louis van Niekerk, COO of Transnet

Louis van Niekerk

Your Favorite South African Organisation
The South African Government
Your Favorite Global Organisation:
The Body Shop, (Socially aware British Beauty Chain, who made a business out of "being nice"
Your philosophy about life:

Approach life with a spirit of ‘Abundance’
Favourite reading:
Third Wave by Alwin Tovler (the futuristic thinker)
Favourite music:
Favourite sport:
Sailing – (“I have completed the ‘yacht hand’ course) – it’s all about team work”
Favourite website:
Wine (this is my passion)
My partner Lex has an old Landrover, that’s our family car
We have three Doberman-Pincers


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    what did she study to get to where she is


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