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Seamless reporting on your monthly/ quarterly/ annual BBBEE spend now available


ezee-vendor.jpgIt’s Friday noon hour and you’re about to leave for a supplier meeting when the CPO buzzes and says that the FD just flew in from HQ and urgently ( for their impromptu Board Meeting at 14h00) requires your Commodity Report on your total BEE Spend:

– for the past 6 months;
– broken down monthly.

Is it time to announce that your long- leave is over- due?

or, according to Des Heath, Managing Director at EZEE-DEX  you could simply use their online procurement sourcing tool that will generate the report simply and, seamlessly.

He told Smart Procurement that:

The EZEE-DEX VENDOR Management System on the “Ezee-Dex DISC” will allow procurement departments to:

– Export your Vendor list (with your vendor numbers) to a standard Excel spreadsheet;
– Export the Vendor expenditure list from your accounting system;
– Marry the two databases with each other by Vendor Number and … immediately the BBBEE spend will be broken down and listed per supplier.

Further developments for this system as in the R&D department of  Ezee-Dex they are working/testing a version  which will allow you, via a single step/click on the Ezee-Dex procurement system, to generate up- to- date BBBEE  spend reports immediately when required without having to follow the mentioned steps.

For more information mail or call her at Tel: 011 446 3600.


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