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Professional status for the Purchasing and Supply Management environment



The purchasing and supply
management environment had changed over the past eight years in South Africa.
The role of the purchasing and supply practitioner is no longer the procuring
of products and services, but it become more and more strategic. The purchasing
department has a bigger impact on the bottom line of companies. Savings, effective
spending, strategic sourcing are some of the key words in the purchasing and
supply management environment.

To achieve that, The
Institute of Purchasing and
South Africa

had set new requirements for Certified
Purchasing Practioner (CPP) certification.

The Certified Purchasing Practioner (CPP) is certification for the purchasing and supply
management profession in South
. In awarding this certification the
Institute is stating that the Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) has attained
the basic level of competence within the purchasing and supply management
profession in South Africa.
Practioners that achieved this certification may write CPP (IPSA) on their
business cards.

Requirements for the Certified Purchasing Practioner
(CPP) certification:

  • Must be
    a member of the Institute with one of the following:



Programme in Purchasing
& Supply Management (UNISA)

1 year

Programme in Public
Procurement & Supply Management (UNISA)

1 year

Advanced Diploma in
Purchasing and Supply (CIPS UK)

1 year

Purchasing Management
Diploma (Varsity
or Damelin)

1 year

South African Management
and Development Institute (SAMDI) Certificate

3 years


  • Practioners in the purchasing and supply chain
    environment with 5 years experience may write the CPP Board Examination

  • Practioners who complete a programme through one
    of the accredited Training Providers from National Treasury with three
    years experience in the Supply Chain Management may write the CPP Board Examination

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