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3 Procurement processes that are overdue for an overhaul

By Teigan Margetts, Manager / Consultant at Red Hero Group In procurement, we innovate. We conquer digital transformations. We handle worldwide disruptions. But some of our processes? They're holding us back, and here's why... Hear more international insights around...

When managing direct spend, the difference is in the details

By Kelly Barner, Owner and Editor, Buyers Meeting Point "Direct and indirect spend management is not the same thing, nor should they be treated as such. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is focusing on simple document transactions." - Jennifer Ruscelle...

How print e-sourcing helps solve the tail spend Catch-22

By Sarah Scudder, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Real Sourcing Network Tail spend presents a classic Catch-22 for sourcing and supply chain professionals: bringing tail spend under professional management can produce direct cost savings, but it can also lead to...



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