12 points to consider in supplier responsibility


SupplierResponsibility.jpgHow socially responsible are your suppliers?

Supply chain social responsibility is rapidly becoming as important as cost when selecting suppliers. This 12-point supplier responsibility checklist, from Next Level Purchasing, is a great starting point to make your supply chain more socially responsible.

1. Investigate a supplier’s involvement in human trafficking.

2. Investigate whether a supplier is using any forced labour.

3. Investigate whether a supplier is using any child labour.

4. Determine the degree of working condition safety at all supplier facilities.

5. Ensure that a supplier is appropriately limiting the working hours of employees.

6. Investigate whether a supplier treats all of its employees humanely.

7. Investigate whether a supplier is being environmentally responsible in all manners.

8. Confirm a supplier’s performance in the reduction of its carbon footprint.

9. Set and reach supplier diversity goals, being sure to include tier-2 supplier goals and continually investigate new categories suppliers.

10. Investigate the likelihood that conflict minerals are in the supply chain of the products your organisation makes or sells.

11. Ensure that animal welfare is addressed in procurement decisions, including determining the products you purchase that may be tested on animals.

12. Ensure that ethical infractions, such as bribery and corruption, are eliminated from your supply chain.

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