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SmartProcurement is launching a local business-to-business (B2B) procurement print magazine – the SmartProcurement Review“World class procurement in your hands”.

While SmartProcurement remains an online portal for procurement and supply management professionals and executives in South Africa, we’ve had numerous requests over the years for a printed magazine, which is still a preferred reference medium for many of our readers.

To accommodate these requests and extend our media reach, we have decided to launch SmartProcurement Review in July 2013.

A central theme of the first edition will be raising the procurement-savings and cost-cutting bar year-on-year. We have commitment from many thought leaders in the country on this crucial subject who will deliver informative articles.

While the worst of the economic meltdown may be behind us, there is still a long way to go before we achieve the dizzy output levels pre 2008. During these challenging times many procurement organisations stepped up to the plate, with professionals proving their worth to their organisations many times over.

Several of their war stories will be told in the SmartProcurement Review.

The public sector and government procurement has served as the engine room of the national economy with massive spend on infrastructure. Accordingly, the latest developments in the national, provincial and local government regulatory framework and other aspects of state spending will enjoy the attention of our editorial board.

Furthermore, we will contribute directly to the government tenders debate from public and private sector viewpoints, providing ongoing, high quality and up-to-date commentary.

Education, skills development and ongoing procurement training remains another of our focus areas. We will provide you with a reference to the leading providers of accredited qualifications in procurement and SCM. Coupled with this, we will bring you the latest news on acquiring, developing and managing the growing talent pool available to purchasing and buying organisations throughout the country.

Should you wish to contribute, do not hesitate to contact us.

Should you wish to receive a free copy please e-mail your contact details and delivery / postal details to admin@smartprocurement.co.za.

You can expect the first issue of the SmartProcurement Review to hit your desks in July 2013.

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