Leadership Profile: Fantas Mobu of the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) and Chairman of SOEPF (State Owned Enterprises Procurement Forum)

This month SmartProcurement profiles Fantas Mobu from ACSA.

Fantas Mobu4.jpgFull Name: Fantas Mobu
Position: Group Specialist: Procurement Services
Private Sector OR Public Sector: State Owned Enterprise
Core business activity of the enterprise: The building, construction and development of airports infrastructure.
Number of people in your P & SM organisation: 9 Direct, along with many decentralised personnel

Your organisations’ procurement spend: R5-6 billion per annum
Management motto: “Focus, focus, focus … And believe in what you do!”
Membership of professional bodies: Chairman of SOEPF (State Owned Enterprises Procurement Forum)
What is your vision for P & SM: “For government procurement to lead the way in national transformation.”
Personal best achievement: Making a direct impact on people’s lives in public sector transformation
The person that has had the biggest influence on your life: “My father, Kolone, who raised his family on R1,500.00 per month – the best buyer I know.”
The person that has had the biggest influence on your career: “My friend, Thapelo Petje, with whom we conceived SOEPF.”

Barack Obama.jpg


Person you would most like to meet: Barack Obama




Richard Maponye.jpg


Businessperson who has impressed you most: Richard Maponya



Your favourite South African organisation: SOEPF: It will become a major driver of sustainable transformation
Your favourite global organisation: The ideals as held by The League of Nations, founded by our own Jan Smuts
Your philosophy about life: “If you follow simplicity, humility and respect others, you will always be blessed.”
Favourite reading: The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason and Capitalist Nigger by Chika A. Onyeani
Favourite music: ASA (pronounced Asha) – a Nigerian singer
Favourite sport: Soccer
Favourite website: Google Search
Hobbies: Golf and quality time with my family
Married: Married to Thumi for 15 years

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