SmartSourcing Conference 2008: ‘Strategic Cost Management’ In A Turbulent Economic Environment

In October 2008, SmartProcurement brings you the SmartSourcing 2008 Conference with the emphasis on Strategic Cost Management. Several industry experts will share their thoughts and experiences with you concerning the 4 major procurement strategies that you can adopt to reduce cost on a sustainable basis, and insulate your organisation against rising prices!  Here is a teaser of the 4 major procurement strategies and the issues that each will be dealing with.

1. Protect Your Organisation Against Imminent Price Hikes

  • Where are prices heading and what steps can you take now to mitigate these cost rises while not being caught when prices retreat?
  • What are your forward cover options, and what new and innovative products are there to manage currency risk?

2. Will ‘Sourcing From Low Cost Countries’ Benefit Your Company?
Buyers in America expect to increase the amount they source from low cost countries to 42% of all items purchased. Buying from China alone will rise by 240% in the next decade to more than 20% of all items sourced. In Europe this number is projected to rise from a current 28% to 49%.

Some organisations are going as far as moving their entire Sourcing Organisations offshore. Yet, South Africa has barely entered this game.  Bearing this in mind:

  • What is your organisation’s strategy in this regard?
  • Which products can be sourced from Low Cost Countries? How and where?
  • Global Sourcing Services: What services are becoming available in the local market that can assist with low cost country sourcing and managing risks?
  • Legal and Tax Framework: Are there potential tax advantages in sourcing globally?

3. How Do You Achieve Year-Over-Year Cost Reductions From Suppliers?

  • How do we work with suppliers to effectively reduce costs for the benefit of both parties?
  • What incentive programmes can be put in place for joint cost reduction initiatives with suppliers, and how does one craft innovative SLA’s?
  • Design your way out of costs by applying ‘Value Engineering’ & ‘Value Analysis’ techniques to increase the ratio of total value from suppliers versus cost of purchase.

4. How To Create World Class Cost Management Infrastructure For Optimising, Managing & Measuring Cost

  • Operationalising the deal.
  • Measuring cost performance year after year.
  • Optimising, managing and measuring costs through the appropriate use of the latest Information Technology.
  • How web based systems are accelerating and facilitating Global Sourcing.
  • How do you measure cost reductions if the cost drivers outside of your direct control are fluctuating daily?
  • Incentivising personnel to meet procurement savings targets.

Conference SPEAKERS include:

Clem Sunter, an internationally accalimed ‘future strategis

Jackie Li:Senior Consultant, The Beijing Axis

Anthea Saunders and Dennis Naidoo: Procurement leadership team at TFMC and experts in value engineering / value analysis and setting up low cost supply clusters.

Hugh-John Townsend: CEO of Townsend International a

Shaun Scott: CEO of World Wide Integrated Logistics

Deon Mocke: Regional VP (Africa) Quadrem

Alan Low: Managing Director of Purchasing Index
Bernie van Niekerk: Editor Smart Procurement end CEO of Commerce Edge
What Makes This Conference So Relevant?</

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