ZUMA: “Regain control through supply chain management reform”

JZ_StateAddress2013.jpgThe revitalisation of production within South Africa is attributable to local procurement, said President Jacob Zuma.

“We have seen the revitalisation of train and bus production in South Africa, largely because of the drive for local procurement,” said President Zuma in the 2013 State of Nation address.

He acknowledged, however, that government must become more effective in order to minimise waste and reduce unnecessary cost.

For South Africa to increase local procurement it is necessary for the government to clearly define its plans to reform supply chain management systems and look to ensure that systems are consistent and compliant as part of its fundamental public sector improvement strategy, he said.

Addressing the factors affecting service delivery, the lack of finance is a key concern for the public sector in its drive to reform the supply chain. A key point for government will be understanding the challenges faced in acquiring the right service provider as well as training public servants to operate efficiently.

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