Beat the Recession – Continue Your Education

During a recession, the cost of adult education may seem impossible to afford, nevertheless, the cost may not be as high as perceived.

“Continuing education increases an employee’s value to a company and for those seeking new jobs provides increased skills to make finding a new job easier”, Andrew Hillman, Director of the Commerce Edge Academy, told SmartProcurement.

Seeing past the assumed price tag of continuing education is important in taking advantage of opportunities to improve career and financial situations.

In a recession many people fear layoffs, eat into savings to meet everyday expenses or are unable to find work when laid off. Continued education provides a path to overcome these recessionary problems and concerns.

A recent article in The Star Workplace discussed expert tips for employees and job seekers during challenging economic times. Some of the tips presented in the article included:

For employees:

  • Become business critical – let your manager know you are essential.
  • Up-skill – continue your education and improve your brand.

For job seekers:

  • Update your CV – emphasize all of your skills and achievements.
  • Shine in your interview – research the company beforehand.
  • Consider accepting temporary employment – rather not be out of work

Overcoming Employment Concerns in Purchasing & Supply

“Pursuing an internationally recognised qualification in purchasing and supply will most definitely assist in overcoming employment concerns and will ensure that one is more valuable to one’s current and future employers”, Hillman continued.

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) offers internationally recognised qualifications in purchasing & supply. The CIPS qualification ladder allows students to enter the programme at the Level 3 Certificate in Purchasing & Supply and move up the steps towards the coveted Level 6 Graduate Diploma in Purchasing & Supply (MCIPS) – the hallmark of the purchasing and supply professional.

“CIPS qualifications are increasingly demanded by employers as a key component of appointment and promotion. Holders of the CIPS Graduate Diploma are entitled to the benefit of full membership and to use MCIPS after their name”, says Hillman.

CIPS Study Centre in South Africa

Commerce Edge Academy is currently the only registered study centre in South Africa for CIPS. The academy supports students of the CIPS Education Programme throughout Africa and offers qualifications at all the CIPS levels: levels 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Commerce Edge Academy assists student members to climb the CIPS qualification ladder by means of modular classroom-based learning (offered full-time or part-time), distance learning (to be launched in July 2009) and blended learning, which gives the student an opportunity to personalise a combination of distance and classroom learning.

The main objective of the academy is to ensure that students successfully achieve the internationally recognised MCIPS Graduate Diploma through specialised coaching and examination preparation.

“Only through continued education is one able to develop skills and improve ones knowledge, thus improving the chances of getting the ultimate job. Tuition potentially results in a qualification, which ultimately results in recognition”, concludes Hillman.

Andrew Hillman can be contacted at (T): 086 133 4326 or (E):

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