BEE procurement compliance “Bureau” service launched

Does your company buy from non-BEE suppliers when a BEE supplier could have been used? Cape Town based CCI-Growthcon have developed an innovative approach to ensure maximum utilisation of BEE suppliers based on their description based spend analysis software – available monthly on a bureau basis.

According to Marc Silberbauer of CCI-Growthcon “On a monthly basis, CCI’s software compares non-BEE purchase order descriptions to all purchase order descriptions made from BEE suppliers in the past year and indicates where a BEE supplier could have been used.” He refers to an extract from this report below.
A monthly report is generated (see illustrative example below) indicating opportunities to increase BEE expenditure.

Figure 2: Extract from BEE Opportunity Report 
“The report is summarised per business unit and per buyer and compares transactions over the last month indicating where non-BEE suppliers have been used rather than BEE suppliers,” says Silberbauer.
“Since the software compares descriptions we can even identify free-text transactions where an existing BEE supplier could have been used,” he says.
“The idea is that the business units evaluate the suitability of the BEE suppliers suggested in the report and where appropriate move transactions to these suppliers.”
Silberbauer concludes: “In an organisation with multiple business units, whenever a new BEE supplier is registered and used by one of the business units, all other business units are quickly made aware of the opportunity to migrate transactions to the new BEE supplier. In this way, the business can make sure that it maximises spend with its BEE suppliers.”

Marc Silberbauer can be reached on 083 412 9493 or

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