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 World class procurement training, courses and coaching

Commerce Edge provides off-the-shelf and customised training and personalised management development programmes and coaching relating to leading edge practices within the extended supply chain.

SETA Accredited World Class Procurement Training Courses:

Our series of intensive short courses are presented publicly on a regular basis as well as in-house. The courses include:

1. Building a World-Class Procurement Organisation
2. Strategic Sourcing and Commodity Management
3. World-Class Supplier Management (with specific emphasis on BEE Supplier development)
4. Project Management for Procurement Professionals
5. Public Sector Supply Chain Management (Including Bid Commities, Demand Management, Acquisition Management, Logistics Management and Disposal Management)
6. Critical Negotiations Skills designed for the Procurement Professional
7. Contract Management within the context of World-Class procurement strategies.
8. Business Process Re-engineering Skills for the procurement environment. (Coaching)
9. Effective TIME MANAGEMENT for procurement professionals
10. FACILITATION SKILLS for creating procurement change
11. The Fundamentals of World Class Procurement

For more information, contact Dave Moss at 087 806 2768 or follow this link to our public training calendar.

Competency Development
The Commerce Edge Competency Development Tool includes:

1. Assessment of staff according to more that 200 world-class procurement competencies aligned to your organisation’s skills matrix.
2. A comprehensive personalised competency plan per person.
3. A comprehensive GLOBAL understanding of competencies, gaps and needs throughout the organisation. This is shown at an overall level and per department. a. Overall gaps for the entire procurement organisation
b. Overall Gaps per band or level
c. Overall gaps per department d. Critical competency gaps that need to be filled soonest
4. Support via a Global Procurement Forum For more information, contact

Dave Moss at 087 806 2768

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