Enterprise Development: The little-known golden nugget in the BBBEE pyramid

The business world normally associates the term Enterprise Development with some or other form of philanthropy. An example of this would be where the ‘principal’ donates something (usually money) to improve the knowledge-base and to develop the skills-set of the ‘beneficiary’.

SmartProcurement, and our Enterprise Development service partner, Integrated Transformation, rather views Enterprise Development as a serious business, not beneficiary, development and management strategy. As a result, these two partners have decided to develop a unique Enterprise Development Breakfast Session wherein the objective is to assist the business or budding entrepreneur to get started; to develop a sound knowledge-base; to improve the proficiencies and efficiencies essential to effective performance; and to become sustainable with a profitable business model.

So how will this breakfast session benefit you and your organisation?

  • This event is an effective route to creating positive brand awareness.
  • In certain instances this session will increase your BBBEE score card points.
  • The event will greatly contribute to, and improve, the quality of service delivery among your suppliers:
    • Improve your service delivery to your clients;
    • Improve the interface between your suppliers, your customers and yourself;
    • Release capacity in your organisation; and
    • Improve consistency.
  • You will be able to substantially improve your effectiveness (return on investment) in your specific marketplace.

So which questions will this Enterprise Development session answer?

  • The first fundamental concept that needs to be understood is: What are the fundamental requirements of running a successful business?;
  • Where are the links to measure sustainability?;
  • Who will provide ongoing mentoring, or even incubation?; and
  • What are the key tenets of service delivery?

The above Enterprise Development Breakfast Session will be held in Centurion on Wednesday, 20 May 2009. To register or to receive more detailed information, please contact the Event Co-ordinator, Erieka Santos, on 086 133 4326 or on 083 454 6915, or alternatively email admin@smartprocurement.co.za

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