Generate BBBEE expenditure reports in minutes

Cathrin Heath.jEasily calculate your annual BBBEE expenditure from your ERP or accounting system.

Procurement information solutions provider Ezee-Dex has released an expenditure analysis feature that makes it possible for organisations to generate broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) expenditure reports in only a few minutes, MD Cathrin Heath tells SmartProcurement.

The BBBEE spend analysis feature is coupled to a document library which contains BBBEE certificates, eliminating the difficult task of obtaining up-to-date supplier BBBEE certificates.

Using an organisation’s ERP or accounting system, the spend analysis tool compares the organisation’s spend with the BBBEE certificates in the library, and produces a report in minutes.

“Calculating BBBEE spend in order to complete a scorecard is a time consuming exercise, taking weeks and sometimes even months,” says Heath.

“Scorecards can be difficult to obtain and even more difficult to keep current. Once the certificates have been painfully collected there is usually a manual process of matching them up and calculating the spend from a BBBEE prospective.”

Ezee-Dex has provided Procurement information for the last 61 years.

With companies identified by their BBBEE status an organisation can easily and seamlessly increase its purchasing quota from these companies in accordance with black empowerment initiatives.

The Ezee-Dex process is available to organisations running the "Ezee-Dex DISC" procurement system with the vendor module.

Step 1: Export all your vendors and their spend to a csv file (a spread sheet) from your ERP system.

Step 2: Import the file exported from step 1 into the "Ezee-Dex DISC", which will match the spend to the vendors already in the system and generate spend amounts for each vendor, based on the BBBEE certificates and data stored in the system.

Step 3 Export the completed file with BBBEE spend into a spreadsheet which can be used for further analysis. Certificates can also be printed from the document library.

The Ezee-Dex system has 64 000 South African manufacturers and suppliers on file and its subscribers include most major mines, industrial companies and corporations in South Africa.

A user has the ability to source individual products or services from one database of over 300 000 products, services and brand names.

For more information on Ezee-Dex‘s offering contact Adrian Hillel Eberlin on

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