Good governance + accountability = long-term socio-economic development

Local government procurement practitioners need to recognise the inextricable link between good governance, accountability and long-term socio-economic development, says Prof. Douglas Boateng.

Many people on the entire African continent are frustrated and angry.

High unemployment, almost stagnant economic growth, poor quality service delivery, a decreasing standard of living, and limited resources for infrastructure upgrades, are all increasing levels of upset across the continent.

To address some of the challenges facing an increasingly irritated population, the continent’s local government procurement practitioners must recognise supply and value chain accountability and governance as a potential solution – and begin applying them within their respective functional areas, which will improve organisational performance, industrial competitiveness and the quality of public sector service delivery.

However, before a culture of supply chain accountability and good governance can be successfully adapted at local government procurement level, sector procurers need to have a change in mind-set and attitude.

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