Leadership Profile: Hugo du Rand

This January SmartProcurement profiles Hugo du Rand, from Scaw Metals.

Full name: Hugo du Rand

Position: Head of Group Supply Chain

Your organisation’s procurement expenditure: A few billion rand

Who does P & SM report to: Executive Head of Professional Services

Private sector or Public sector: Private sector

Core business activity of the enterprise: manufacturing a diverse range of steel products for the following: global construction, railway, power generation, mining, cement, marine, engineering and agricultural markets

Number of people in your P & SM organisation: 65

Management motto: It is not what happened that is important, it is how we fix it; learn from it and what we put in place to make sure it does not happen again that matters. Learn something new as often as possible

Personal motto: Listen to understand, not answer

Membership of professional bodies: CIPS

What is your vision for Procurement: Deliver value, together as a team

Personal best achievement: Passing on some skill and knowledge to young professionals

Most important commodities: Raw materials and energy

The person that has had the biggest influence on your life: Those who have been able to teach me something meaningful

The person that has had the biggest influence on your career: Previous managers that gave me the skill set I can use today

Person you would most like to meet: Steve Jobs

What do you like most about your job: Negotiating, thinking out of the box to find a solution while sticking to strict governance principles

Is there anything you dislike about your job: I have one of the best jobs around

Businessperson who has impressed you most: Raymond Ackerman

Favourite quote: “Evil thrives when good men stand idle” – Edmund Burke

Your favourite South African organisation: Naspers

Your favourite global organisation: Apple

Your philosophy about life: Make the most out of every situation

Favourite reading: Biographies

Favourite music: Anything with a decent beat

Favourite sport: Rugby and Cricket.

Favourite website: News24

Hobbies: Volunteer work in Law Enforcement and Search & Rescue

Car: Toyota Fortuner

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