Leadership Profile: Lucille de Wit of Plessey

This month SmartProcurement profiles Lucille de Wit of Plessey (Pty) Ltd.

Full name:  Lucille De Wit
Position:  Procurement Manager
Your organisations’ procurement spend:  R900m
Who does P & SM report to:  CFO
Private sector OR Public sector: Private Sector
Core business activity of the enterprise:  Installation of telecommunications infrastructure

Number of people in your P & SM organisation: 10
Management motto:  Execution Excellence
Membership of professional bodies:  None
What is your vision for P & SM:  To become a strategic enabler that improves profit
Personal best achievement:  Still working on it
Most important commodities:  All are equally important
The person that has had the biggest influence on your life:  God
The person that has had the biggest influence on your career:  Various people. I like to learn something from everybody

Person you would most like to meet:  Nelson Mandela

Businessperson who has impressed you most:  Richard Branson
Your favorite South African organisation:  SAB Miller
Your favorite global organisation:  Microsoft
Your philosophy about life:  A positive attitude
Favourite reading:  I don’t read much
Favourite music:  Various
Favourite sport:  Netball, Cricket
Favourite website:  SmartProcurement (really!) it is very informative
Hobbies:  Kids, work and a bit of sport
Car:  Nissan X-trail
Married:  Samuel, almost 7 years
Children:  Jaden (4) and Marc (17 months)

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