Leadership Profile: Sanet Shepperson


Sanet.jpgThis month SmartProcurement profiles Sanet Shepperson, from: Cell C


Full name: Sanet Shepperson

Position: Procurement Executive Cell C

Your organisation’s procurement expenditure: A lot!

Who does P & SM report to: Chief Property and Procurement Officer

Private sector or Public sector: Private

Core business activity of the enterprise: Telecommunications

Number of people in your P & SM organization : 12

Management motto: 1. Never expect your staff to do things you are not willing to do
2. Lead by example

Personal motto: Do not expect to be treated equally as a woman only when it suits you

Membership of professional bodies: CIPS

What is your vision for P & SM: P & SM becoming the competitive advantage in the business by being the foundation for achieving all the commercial targets (like market share growth or EBITDA achievement).

Personal best achievement: Learning Mandarin and being admitted to Northampton University for my MBA specialising in procurement.

Most important commodities: Information and communications technology, network infrastructure, commercial, human resources, fleet, inbound and outbound logistics.

The person that has had the biggest influence on your life: My husband

The person’s that has had the biggest influence on your career: Too many to mention

Person you would most like to meet: Botticelli & Gaudi – because I would have loved to see the world through their eyes.

What do you like most about your job: Every day brings the opportunity to improve the commerciality of the business

Is there anything you dislike about your job: You got to be kidding, I love it!

Businessperson who has impressed you most: Giovanni Ravazzotti (chairman and founder of Italtile)

Favorite quote: Smooth seas do not make good captains

Your favourite South African organisation: Nandos

Your favourite global organisation: Uber

Your philosophy about life: Do unto others as you would like to be done to you

Favorite reading: Stephen King

Favorite music: Almost anything

Favorite sport: Showjumping

Favorite website: Cellc.co.za

Hobbies: Horse riding

Car: Hyundai i20

Married: Yes, to Gareth Shepperson

Children: Yes. Nine-year old Christian

Linkedin: https://za.linkedin.com/in/sanet-shepperson-薛淑寧-mcips-961bb720


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