Nurturing Success through Career Coaching and Mentorship

Career Coaching and Mentorship

Chantal KadingIn today’s career driven society, getting an edge or a handle on your career often means turning to career coaching and mentorship to help get you on the right track, writes executive coach, leadership & talent strategist and founder / managing director of People Shop in Cape Town, Chantal Kading.

The word “career” comes from the Latin word “carrus” meaning carriage, and in many respects, one’s career can be thought of as a carriage or vehicle that one uses to achieve certain goals in our highly competitive race for success (L. Sun, 2008).

Unfortunately for many people, this race can be challenging, and at times unfulfilling, lacking a sense of purpose, personal satisfaction, or even financial reward. Career coaching is often viewed as a remedy and is thought to have come about when people realised that they might be settling for less not only in financial terms, but also in terms of their desire to find authenticity and purpose in their work. This article will explore the transformative impact that career coaching and mentoring can have in revitalising one’s pursuit to get ahead.

Goal Setting

Authenticity in goal setting is crucial. Your career should be a true reflection of your inner self, connecting you to your core values and desires. A skilled coach can be a guiding hand by helping you uncover your true passions, identify your goals and set a clear career trajectory. Through the application of techniques such as self-reflection exercises, insightful discussions, and goal setting, a coach or mentor can help you understand and appreciate your true potential.

Group Coaching “Building a Network”

Networking is indispensable to career advancement. Seasoned career coaches and mentors usually have vast professional networks. The endorsement of a mentor or career coach can carry significant weight with potential employers or clients in the same network; opening doors to opportunities aligned with your goals by connecting you with influential individuals that resonate with your career aspirations.

Emotional Support & Accountability

Continuous growth on your career journey will require emotional support and accountability. When challenges and setbacks are inevitable, having a supportive coach or mentor who believes in your abilities and can bolster your confidence when doubts or obstacles arise, can make the difference between success and failure.

Career coaches can also bring an objective perspective that highlights your blindspots and areas of improvement. They can provide a sounding board for your ideas and concerns as well as help you persevere through tough career transitions by serving as an accountability partner who holds you responsible for meeting your growth and development goals.

In summary, in today’s highly competitive job market, career coaching and mentorship have become an indispensable investment towards attaining the necessary tools, guidance and support to ensure future success. With 70 percent of people reportedly dissatisfied with their careers, the demand for career coaches and mentors is at an all-time high, and it’s not surprising because what human beings ultimately crave is a sense of purpose, which begins with knowing oneself.

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