Outsourcing can be the ideal solution for document management

Output devicesi.e. copiers, faxes, printers, scanners and new generation multi-functional units, usually represent an area of uncontrolled ‘maverick’ spend in most organisations. “In fact, if you were to tally up the total cost of ownership (TCO) of
the ‘paper production’ as pushed out by your employees on a daily
basis, you will be shocked to see exactly what the real cost per page
is!!,” Peter Fraser, director at cost management solution provider Embedit, tells SmartProcurement.

“As document output is assumed to be a necessary evil, it is not usually directly managed and each department will often have their own system(s) to meet their specific needs.  This all points to the fact that in procurement terms, this commodity group falls under ‘indirect spend’, and is thus not a core function of most enterprises.  Nevertheless it presents an essential support service for all your staff and is key to their individual efficiencies,” he says.

All this tells you is that ‘output devices’ are an ideal commodity to be outsourced in toto.  Rather leave it to a professional organisation’s whose core business is just that, i.e. managing your entire document output requirements.  These specialists will attend to:

  • Hardware selection and optimisation;
  • Software installation and integration;
  • Cost allocation and user accountability;
  • Optimum paper and consumables supply as and when required; and
  • To cap it all – you will receive a single monthly account and detailed report for your entire organisation’s whole document output.

If this makes real cents and many Rands of direct savings to you – then send an e-mail to sales@embedit.co.za, or call 076 400 8100, and Embedit will call on you to deal with your specific requirements one-on-one.  This is guaranteed to save your organisation time and money in the first month of this one-step document outsourcing service!!!

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