Rivalry for staff a significant risk to procurement departments – 2015 outlook

CPOs are encouraged to invest significantly in the development of their people. The question is what exactly do they need? Kay Beyen’s research, concluded in conjunction with the European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM), has identified the key skills required by purchasing groups right now and tomorrow.

(See image alongside, by Kay Beyen. First published in CPO Agenda, Summer Edition 2010)

In order to meet these challenges and expectations over the next five years, talent management will become a fundamental KPI of the CPO. This will greatly contribute to Procurement professionals creating and leading action plans with strategic suppliers and internal customers to foster success.

•The outlook suggests that Procurement professionals with the necessary skills and training will be in short supply. So, individuals who focus on two or more of the required competencies between now and then will have more employment options.

•The era of the buyer/purchaser as a processor of orders is fast disappearing. Many more routine actions will be automated and more complex thinking processes will be required of the procurement practitioner.

•Globalisation and the interlinking of business functions, e.g. the growing complexity of supply chains, are directly impacting on procurement. These influences are changing the professional profile of the purchaser.

•A lack of talent management in purchasing leads to home-made shortages. CPOs now need to concentrate on retention strategies, skills transfer into and out of other business functions and focus more on developing the soft skills.

Competition for staff is one of the four megatrends in Procurement that will be discussed at SmartProcurement World hosting this year’s 4th annual SmartSourcing and Cost Management Conference and 2nd annual Public Sector Supply Chain Management Summit, to be held at Gallagher Convention Centre, November 16 – 18, where delegates will be introduced to the critical developments affecting Strategic Procurement and Cost Management in South Africa’s national supply chains.

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