Updated ‘Supply Chain Management Compendium’ endorsed by SOEPF and CIPS


DouglasBoateng_515x800.JPGThe State Owned Enterprise Procurement Forum (SOEPF) and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) have endorsed the second edition of the much-anticipated Compendium of Supply Chain Management Terms. Containing thousands of supply chain management terminologies, Professor Douglas Boateng’s Compendium provides an all-inclusive compilation of procurement and other aspects of supply chain management related information.

“SOEPF seeks to share best practices related to procurement and supply chain management – Prof. Boateng’s Compendium offers our members a useful tool through which such practices can be shared,” commented SOEPF Chairman Dennis Mlambo.

The Compendium is a must-have tool for those interested in using supply chain management as an instrument for competitive advantage, improving service delivery quality and national and regional wide development, said Andre Coetzee, CIPS MD, touching on the growing strategic implications of procurement and supply chain management for both business and society

The Compendium offers practitioners “the most comprehensive vocabularies associated with supply chain management to date,” commented Coetzee.

Various public and private CEOs, C-suite executives and policy makers see an increased knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of supply chain management, in particular procurement, as a critical factor in successfully realising long-term socio-economic development goals.

“While the first edition proved to be an invaluable reference guide for local, regional and international CEOs, CFOs, procurers, logisticians, policy makers, and project directors/managers, to name but few, the second edition has been comprehensively updated to satisfy global user demands,” said Compendium compiler Douglas Boateng.

SOEPF, CIPS and other backers including the United Nations World Food Program, ACSA and the Association of African Business Schools were instrumental in updating the Compendium,” said Boateng.

“The 2nd edition of the Compendium will without a doubt bridge the gap in current supply chain related understandings,” said Mlambo.

“Not only will the Compendium assist in creating a common understanding of supply chain management at a local, regional and international level, but it will also help to support state-owned enterprises and various government departments in their service delivery improvement efforts.”

As part of the ‘Executive Insight Series’, the Compendium of Supply Chain Management Terms is currently available from CIPS, SOEPF and leading book stores. A percentage of proceeds from Compendium sales will be used to support skills development and supply chain management research initiatives.

Douglas Boateng is Africa’s first Professor Extraordinaire in Supply and Value Chain Management.

For more information on the ‘Executive Insights’ series visit the PanAvest website or contact Prof. Boateng at dboateng@panavest.com.

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