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Frank Susini2.jpg“One of my all-time favourite quotes comes from what has to be one of our finest sources of brilliance and inspiration – Albert Einstein: ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.’ No wonder that so many strategies fail to be realised!”, Frank Susini, an Independent Consultant, told SmartProcurement.

Einstein gave us so many wonderfully treasured references, another that resides in the same family as the above: ‘We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them’. Essentially, I believe that Einstein was guiding us, introducing us to the potential of alternative intelligence. Not simply ‘thinking out of the box’, rather – throwing the entire box out the window!”, Susini continued.

Welcome to the Future – A Powerful and Alternative Intelligence – Functional Intelligence™
Functional Intelligence™ has its home in Sociology, in particular a field of study known as Ecometrics. Ecometrics is the quantification of human behavior within a defined environment. Functional Intelligence™ bases its theory on over 40 years of research in the field of Ecometrics, i.e. the environment and the effect thereof on a human being. Simply put, Functional Intelligence™ is about aligning the Unique You with the environment best suited to unlock your natural potential.


Functional Intelligence™ recognises the uniqueness of the individual: What you project to the rest of the world – but more importantly what you truly feel on the inside and how you are interacting with your environment. It is the world’s first diagnostic resource to define the environment in which you work and compare it to your own personal profile. “This powerful management resource quantifies the unique hierarchy of personal values / standards (which in essence are one’s motivational drivers). Mapping out your personal and unique ‘footprint’, it is the process we employ when making choices and decisions, and also represents what is more and less important in our individual, unique lifestyles”, Susini said.


Functional Intelligence™ then focuses on the functionality (your instrument panel or personal dashboard) of the individual within a specific environment, i.e. that of the organisation. This is done by measuring a total of 114 various constructs to establish areas of compliance or conflict that the staff member experiences as a direct result of exposure to that specific environment. One is therefore able to gain a thorough understanding of whether a particular incumbent is suited to the job / environment s/he finds themselves in, and in addition, the holistic picture of the wellness and harmony of the organisation becomes clear.


This process is extremely effective in matching the functional qualities of potential candidates with pre-configured job profiles. The organisation specifies the ideal profile required for a specific job profile within the unique parameters of that particular organisation.


“Developed in association with leading researchers and by Dr. Neil Whitehouse (PhD), Functional Intelligence™ is the sole diagnostic resource worldwide in which the Company Environment and Personal Values are considered essential areas of focus. Functional Intelligence™ is fast gaining momentum in becoming a valuable resource in the arsenal of organisations focusing on optimising the effectiveness of their personnel”, Susini concluded.


Areas that are addressed with effective success include:

  • Organisational Management;
  • Strategy and Change Management;
  • Team Building;
  • Understanding the Individual Dynamics in Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Human Resources; and
  • Recruitment.

Article submitted by Frank Susini, an Independent Consultant, Day Five Solutions.


For more information about Functional Intelligence™ and its web-based diagnostic, please contact Frank Susini on Tel: +27 83 607 0777.

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