Detailed 60 000 BEE SUPPLIER and verification information available electronically

In the recent past Supplier Directory’s matched the procurement departments enquiry with the required goods or services and ranked the supplier(s) according to region, reputation and such like criteria. The BBBEE Codes of Good Practice, as issued by the Department of Trade and Industry and, gazetted in February this year, changed all that. Detailed Supplier information is now an essential component of the procurement departments ability to fulfil its internal and, external transformation objectives and strategies.

Des Heath, Managing Director at EZEE-DEX, told Smart Procurement, that the following important questions need to be answered when sourcing approiate BBBEE suppliers:

– firstly, who can supply the required item(s) as set out in your RFQ?
– where are they based and, who are the competition?
– does the target business fulfill both your narrow based and/ or broad based selection criteria?
– can the supplier be accurately graded to enable you to claim the points you in turn require for your own score card?

He says that with the latest “Ezee-Dex DISC“, over 60 000 supplier and vendor addresses can now be subjected to a multitude of filters that enable the enquirer to get to the answers of the abovementioned questions.

“Let’s face it, the grading of businesses in terms of the BBBEE Codes has become a complex affair and verification agencies are assisting suppliers with their scorecards.” “How do you know how the supplier has been rated according to the codes and whether the rating can be trusted?”  The filters provided by this research tool enable you to determine exactly what level of compliance you will be dealing with or ordering from. If the supplier is an exempt Level 4, how can you be certain? The source of the research is also provided.”

In a nutshell, this system and tool allows the procurement department to, effortlessly and painlessly, select an appropriate purchase based on reliable and researched information. The system automatically archives your selections and hence you can track all RFQ’s sent out. In so doing, EzeeDex enables you to:

– keep track of BEE spend by the Rand, and consequently
– improve your own targets for preferential spend with researched BEE companies.

“The procurement specialist and supplier manager nowadays require a detailed and accurate information base on any supplier enquiry for the purposes of complying with his or her organizations BEE Scorecard assessments. The rules of the game have changed dramatically and for the good of our increasingly robust economy.”

“BEE status is now a fact of life and an essential characteristic of your Business ID!” says Heath.

Des Heath, Managing Director of EZEE DEX can be reached on Cell: 082 441 8022

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