Seamless reporting on your monthly/ quarterly/ annual BBBEE spend now available

It’s Friday noon hour and you’re about to leave for a supplier meeting when the CPO buzzes and says that the FD just flew in from HQ and urgently ( for their impromptu Board Meeting at 14h00) requires your Commodity Report on your total BEE Spend:

– for the past 6 months;
– broken down monthly.

Is it time to announce that your long- leave is over- due?

or, according to Des Heath, Managing Director at EZEE-DEX  you could simply use their online procurement sourcing tool that will generate the report simply and, seamlessly.

He told Smart Procurement that:

The EZEE-DEX VENDOR Management System on the “Ezee-Dex DISC” will allow procurement departments to:

– Export your Vendor list (with your vendor numbers) to a standard Excel spreadsheet;
– Export the Vendor expenditure list from your accounting system;
– Marry the two databases with each other by Vendor Number and immediately the BBBEE spend will be broken down and listed per supplier.

Further developments for this system as in the R&D department of  Ezee-Dex they are working/testing a version  which will allow you, via a single step/click on the Ezee-Dex procurement system, to generate up- to- date BBBEE  spend reports immediately when required without having to follow the mentioned steps.

For more information mail or call her at Tel: 011 446 3600.

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